A Strong Personal Brand is one of the ingredients of recipe of success. In today’s competitive world, strong brand truly makes you shine in the crowd. It gives you added benefit which no one else has.

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Brand value vastly changes people’s perception about you. It increases credibility and hence makes a long lasting image. Creating strong personal brand has changed in recent times. Conventional means no longer work the same way as they used to before.

Means to create Strong Personal Brand

1.      Register your trademark logo and domain name

They create a strong identity of you and your business. People will always associate them with you, as they stand unique. Having your name as part of domain name creates a strong personal brand. You need to decide your expertise and research online about the keywords (that will actually become domain names) that suits your requirement.

2.      Content Marketing

Once you determine your expertise, work on building your reputation by showing off your strengths. Content marketing is an effective way to build personal brand and reputation. Update your blog on a regular basis and try to reach maximum number of people. Write original and fresh content on latest trends in your area of expertise.

Respond to readers’ comments on a timely basis and encourage them to keep commenting. Helping people with what they need will surely make them come back. Thus, build a good number of loyal customer base. It will add creditability to your brand name over a period of time. You can also guest blog and promote your brand.

Spend time on social media and regularly post updates. It is very important to keep your brand alive and active though sites like twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. When people regularly read about you, they will not forget your brand name, learn about Digital Marketing in details.

Post video blogs for those readers whom you are not able to meet face-to-face. This way, you not only provide information but also make yourself a part of your strong personal brand identity.

3.      Network

Networking leads to sparkling growth in branding. Connect with people in your field, influencers, friends, relatives, colleagues or anybody who, you think, can help you spread the word about you.

Attend professional meet ups and network with experts. Start a conversation with people around you in social gatherings. Human interactions are a great way to create personal brand. Meet new people, share business cards and exchange a word about your business.

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Grab an opportunity to speak at professional seminars. Show your confidence in what you do. This will make people believe that you are knowledgeable and successful business person and hence could be reliable.

Reserve your brand name on social networking sites so that you protect yourself against your competition. There could be other people around who may want to take undue benefit of your brand.

4.      Pay attention to your appearance

It is important that you look presentable while you speak up at events. It is not necessary that you follow conventions and follow industry standards. Sometimes your dressing or hair style becomes your signature style. For example, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have always been known to carry same dressing style to office.

Let there be something unique about you. It could be the way you talk, the way you walk, your spectacles, your business suit etc. It becomes easy to create a strong personal brand if people start talking about you.

5.      Sponsor events

Sponsor award functions, college annual days, professional meet ups and collaborate with government organizations. The idea is to increase your visibility without actually being present at the event.

6.      Association with other strong brands

It’s said that “You are known by the company you keep”. It perfectly holds true for your brand as well. Highlight on your website other strong brands that you have been associated with, for example, your graduation school, past employer or bigger blog brand names.

7.      Market your success

Success breeds brand and brand breeds more success. Share your past clients’ testimonials on your website. Ask them to speak how you helped them to be successful and request a reference.

8.      Hire PR Manager

Once you build a strong brand name, it’s equally important to maintain it. Hire a good public relations (PR) manager who would be responsible for all press releases and your overall image in public.

Building a successful and strong personal brand is all about winning people’s long-lasting confidence. It may take substantial time and effort in the beginning, but once your brand is built, there are huge benefits to reap.